Why Should I Switch to WordPress For My Business?

Why Switch to WordPress?  Simple, WordPress has perhaps become the most popular (CMS), Content Management System in the world since launching in 2003.  Millions of websites are managed with WordPress around the world.  Bloggers and business users alike enjoy the freedom of this powerful tool that allows people with no coding experience to update and customise their own site with no fuss easy to use CMS.
WordPress allows a business to update and add content to their website without having to use the services of a designer.  The job can not only be done internally but content can be added and updated immediately without having to wait.  WordPress updates are free unlike other software.  Designs can be changed to freshen up your site and content as often as you like and best of all Google endorses WordPress for being search engine friendly.  This means better ranking for you just by having a WordPress site!

In this video Matt Cutts from Google endorses WordPress as he talk about why WordPress is great for business owner.  He says it takes care of a huge percentage of SEO or Search Engine Optimisation issues which means better page ranking for its users!  He also has a personal Blog on WordPress.


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