Why Do I Need a Website For My Small Business?

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Why Own A Website?

Most people today use social networks to communicate with family and friends.  This is done on pc, laptops, tablets and mobile phones. Sharing images, websites, page posts and products is the way that word gets around today and is as valuable as ‘word of mouth’ advertising, only heaps better because now it comes with pictures!   The proof that people now have is visual!  Social sharing is a global phenomenon that has taken the world by storm and if you’re not on the internet with a great website, you miss out on the exposure that the internet provides to a global audience 7 days a week, 24/7 even while you sleep!


When it comes to owning your own website, what’s the first thing that you look for?

  1. Affordability – I don’t want to spend too much
  2. It has to be modern & look great and has to suit my business
  3. It has to work on mobile phones and tablets
  4. I want to be able to manage it myself

For what ever your needs are, talk to ACT Websites about making your website work for you.  Customer satisfaction is of primary importance to us.

What puts you off owning a website?

  1. I don’t know where to start.
  2. The cost of support – I hear it’s really expensive and I can’t manage my own site.
  3. Designers content management fees are too expensive and I don’t know how to add images, photos and pages myself.
  4. My business is listed on free sites

ACT Websites can take care of set up from word go and we are very affordable with competitive prices.  Our goal is to help small businesses learn to manage their own sites thus cutting down on maintenance & management costs.

Why would I need a website if I’m already online?

A: Most people do their research on internet search engines these days.  Having a website is essential for displaying your products & services in detail to potential clients.  People like to read about what other customers are saying about your products and services.   A website also enables you to display testimonials of satisfied customers.  Clients can quickly and locate you easily if you add a map.  You can display all that information in much greater detail than you can share on a free advert.  Having your own brand makes you easily recognisable to returning clients and by having a site you saves you time on the phone to answer questions that a website already answers.  If you’re looking at expanding sales you may consider selling online like the major leading brands do.

I don’t think I really need a website.

A: Past or current clients may lose your business card,  forget your location, prices of your products & services, and may want to recommend you to others either via social media or send your website link to their friends via email which most people find way faster than writing all your contact & location to send.

I don’t know code – I can’t afford to pay someone every time I need to add images, files and text to my site.

A: What If I told you that I could build you an affordable, responsive website that not only looks great, works on tablets and mobile phones.  For a small fee, you can have a 1 hour lesson on adding content to your WordPress site.  It’s easier than you think!

I would say that’s an answer to my prayers but how much will it cost?

A: Prices start from as little as $500 (minimum fee) per site.   ACT Websites can set it all up for you.  Domain name registration, webhosting as well as set up your website.  Ask me how.

If you’d like to know more.  Call Sandra on 0413 305 967

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