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What A New Website Can Do For My Business

If you own a business but don’t have a website there are valid reasons why an online presence is essential. We live in a technologically advanced working society where computers and mobile phones are frequently used by people who mostly do their research and shopping for goods and services online for convenience.

A modern, crisp and great looking website is a justifiable business investment with accessible information about your business online. A good website will not only create more revenue by increasing positive conversation around your product and services, it’s social media integration makes your website a highly shareable and marketable product to launch your advertising campaigns from with a view to generating more business leads.

Do you have an outdated website?

Why you need to update – Business owners who keep an outdated website run the risk of losing potential customers by having the following features on their current site:

  • poor layout
  • restricted navigation
  • poor functionality
  • slow loading pages and images
  • not visually appealing.

All of these factors can contribute to make a business look unprofessional online.  The average time spent on a website is anywhere between 3-5 minutes.  If the audience’s attention can’t be grabbed immediately to entice them to navigate through your site to buy your products and services, they will move on fast to the next company who can.

ACT Websites develops beautiful WordPress websites.

WordPress has evolved to be the most flexible and versatile Content Management System with its vast array of available plugins to add complex business features and security to your website. The sky is the limit to your design imagination. There are literally thousands of professionally designed WordPress themes available as the skeleton which to fill with your business branding and content to present your products and services for attracting the right audience.  See our recent work page for a visual on what we have done for our satisfied clients.

Invest in your business future with a beautiful web presence or a buzzing online store.

WordPress is search engine friendly.  “WordPress automatically solves a ton of SEO issues.” Google Engineer Matt Cutts.

The free Yoast SEO plugin makes your website even more search engine friendly.

WordPress is mobile web ready with responsive theme designs that will work on tablets.

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