maintenance, updates & functionality

Maintain Health & Functionality of WordPress Sites

Some people opt to maintain their own website to save costs. However that doesn’t work for everyone as most people don’t have the technical skills or free time to take the extra tasks on.

These tasks may include:

  1. Website files and database – backed up
  2. Security Checks & Regular Checks for Malware
  3. WordPress Version Core Updates
  4. Plugin Updates
  5. Delete inactive plugins
  6. Check Hyperlinks
  7. Search Engine Optimisation
  8. Optimise Databases & Images
  9. Conduct a technical Audit to make sure your site ranks well and runs smoothly on the internet.

It takes time to properly take care of your site doing things regular plugin updates, backups and security checks. So if you’d rather let someone else take good care of your website then contact ACT Websites.

Or have a look out our WordPress Maintenance and Support Services page.