15 Reasons To Love WordPress

WordPress is a widely used Content Management System used for blogs, (WordPress.com) or for Business (WordPress.org).  WordPress is free, SEO friendly and is easy to learn enabling small business owners to add their own content. WordPress is also flexible for adding extra functionality as your business grows.  Below are 15 reasons to love WordPress.

  1. Save Time &  Money – Alter and add web content as soon as you need it done instead of waiting days for your tech to make those changes.
  2. Greater Accessibility – Make changes from any computer anywhere in the world with an internet connection.
  3. Friendly to Social Networks – Integrate with ease on Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus and more.
  4. Consistency – WordPress templates allow for design consistency to make it look uniform in keeping with your branding.
  5. Flexibility –  Whether you’re selling online or not, WordPress is flexible enough to let you create the site you need for your business.   E.g. Create an Ecommerce site, Photography site, Video Website, Service for booking appointments, Membership site, Directory site, Classified Ads, Forums that answer questions and Knowlege bases.
  6. Support  – WordPress has a large community of users and developers for troubleshooting problems within its Support Forum where queries can be posted or look through some of the many resolved queries for answers. There are also numerous other non-official WordPress forums run by developers.
  7. Media Engagement  – Add your audio and video to pages & posts.
  8. Improved Security – WordPress developers are very serious about security for their users. There are security plugins available, some of which are free of charge to help keep your content and website secure online.
  9. SEO – SEO & Google friendly WordPress helps build up your brand authority online.
  10. Free Upgrades – WordPress updates are free! When a new version comes out, back up your system and then upgrade to the new version for free.
  11. Multi-Users – WordPress is great for larger companies with their marketing departments as different levels of accessibility can be given to each user.   Admin & Editor are just two examples.
  12. Blog Categories – When you publish articles to you can categorise them for easy access. Older posts will eventually be archived.
  13. Share your Ideas – Add content with a the option to add a blog.  Share with your audience industry news, product reviews and thoughts on anything you care to discuss.  The sky is the limit!  The frequent addition and changing of content can improve your website search engine ranking.
  14. Functionality – While traditional websites require everything to be programmed, WordPress has thousands of pre-written programs called plugins.  These Plugins can increase the functionality of your software or theme.  WordPress plugins are easily installed saving time it takes to manually add and integrate code.
  15. Forms & Newsletters – WordPress integrates with MailChimp and Mailpoet for professional looking newsletters.  Generate leads directly from your site as potential clients sign up using forms, newsletters and more….