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Why Create Memes & Picture Quotes?

memes and quotes

Meme’s and picture quotes are everywhere on social media.  Business owners have often asked me how memes and picture quotes can help their business.

People create them because they’re fun, highly shareable and sometimes when they’re really good they go viral because people love sharing funny stories, intelligent quotes, great images and important information.  They will share anything which catches their attention and consider shareworthy.

So if you’re interested in making memes be creative!

There are two types of memes that I like to create

1. The informative meme that explains the ‘whys’.


2. Quotes that are important to me and that are also relevant to my business.


Notes on meme creation

  • Add your web address to the meme.
  • Make your meme stand out using formatted text, interesting images and colour.
  • Create and post them regularly across all social media platforms of your choice.

The best places to post your memes and quotes

Start off with Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram for best results.  But don’t dismiss Google Plus as an up and comer for marketing and for showcasing your business.

If you’re not a graphic designer you can create memes for free online

Canva has to be my favourite place for creating beautiful graphic art of all different sizes and you don’t have to add the dimensions yourself for each particular networking platform as sizing is already worked out with the use of templates.   You just design! There is an option to design to your own dimensions as well. Free images are available to use freely on your projects or you can purchase images for as little as $1.00 each.  If you prefer to use your own images they can be uploaded to canva.

Meme Generator allows you to create your own memes from existing images or upload your own. For business owners I suggest you use your own free for commercial use or paid images. I found it very easy to use.

Here’s a list of websites with free images to download for your projects

Where To Find Free Photos For Commercial Use