dream big
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Quotes From Leading Business Entrepreneurs

A collection of some of my favourite quotes from leading entrepreneurs and innovative thinkers past and present to encourage those in business who aren't afraid to dream big. Steve Jobs - Co-founder, Chairman, and CEO of Apple Inc. Primary…
beginning to blog

Blogging Tips For Beginners

There are literally millions of bloggers online telling their story, sharing news and writing about just about any given subject known to man.  Yet during its humble beginnings, there was nothing compelling me to write, much less publish…
save money
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Save Money When Your Website Crashes

Having a WordPress website with the flexibility to add content, edit and upload images and videos is important to many small business owners. WordPress websites have an easy to learn and use Content Management System that enables just…
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5 Basic Qualities Of A Winning Team

All leaders start out with a dream to succeed in what they do.  In my experience a driven, talented and passionate leader is quite different from a successful leader who can motivate his or her team to work together toward a common vision…

Making The Most Out Of Life

It's funny how self discipline changes the way we think. When I was younger I loved going out with my friends to the early hours of the morning. Life was exciting and I was on a journey of self discovery. As as a young adult I soon learned…

Learning From The Long Drive Home

THE DRIVE Warm Winter days are a huge treat to those who come from Canberra.  A drive to any sunny location is recommended no matter how long it takes to get there! Even though we are accustomed to the icy Canberra Winter cold, we had…
fear of failure

Fear of Failure & Unrealistic Expectations

After having a serious look at my life I began to think about where I want to be five years from now. So, it's only natural for me to take another inventory of myself in order to plan for my next goal or two. For me this means a…
What to avoid posting on social media

10 Things Everyone Should Avoid Posting on Facebook

Facebook posts and social media -What you should know. What you post, say or do on social media is not only highly shareable, but leaves a PERMANENT and lasting impression about you!  Rethink what you share and keep it positive. Here…
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What is blogging and who writes a blog?

For centuries writers have experimented with various forms of writing. The emergence of the internet has bought about blogging as a literary form.   The word Blog consists of two words, ‘web and log’. Blogs are a collection of thoughts…