What A New Website Can Do For My Business

If you own a business but don’t have a website there are valid reasons why an online presence is essential. We live in a technologically advanced working society where computers and mobile phones are frequently used by people who mostly do their research and shopping for goods and services online for convenience.

A modern, crisp and great looking website is a justifiable business investment with accessible information about your business online. A good website will not only create more revenue by increasing positive conversation around your product and services, it’s social media integration makes your website a highly shareable and marketable product to launch your advertising campaigns from with a view to generating more business leads.

Do you have an outdated website?

Why you need to update – Business owners who keep an outdated website run the risk of losing potential customers by having the following features on their current site:

  • poor layout
  • restricted navigation
  • poor functionality
  • slow loading pages and images
  • not visually appealing.

All of these factors can contribute to make a business look unprofessional online.  The average time spent on a website is anywhere between 3-5 minutes.  If the audience’s attention can’t be grabbed immediately to entice them to navigate through your site to buy your products and services, they will move on fast to the next company who can.

ACT Websites develops beautiful WordPress websites.

WordPress has evolved to be the most flexible and versatile Content Management System with its vast array of available plugins to add complex business features and security to your website. The sky is the limit to your design imagination. There are literally thousands of professionally designed WordPress themes available as the skeleton which to fill with your business branding and content to present your products and services for attracting the right audience.  See our recent work page for a visual on what we have done for our satisfied clients.

Invest in your business future with a beautiful web presence or a buzzing online store.

WordPress is search engine friendly.  “WordPress automatically solves a ton of SEO issues.” Google Engineer Matt Cutts.

The free Yoast SEO plugin makes your website even more search engine friendly.

WordPress is mobile web ready with responsive theme designs that will work on tablets.

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Want to Start Blogging But Don’t Know How?

There are literally millions of bloggers online telling their story, sharing news and writing about just about any given subject known to man.  Yet during its humble beginnings, there was nothing compelling me to write, much less publish my work online.  Today I’m sold on blogging for personal use and for business marketing. As a social media coordinator the value of marketing is well known to me.  However, I fell in love with the whole concept of communicating ideas online for building others up. There are some truly extraordinary blogs out there in cyberspace on just about any given topic by really talented writers. But don’t let that scare you off.  Your blog can stand out!

When I started blogging

If I’m going to be completely honest, the idea of other’s reading my blogs was really intimidating, knowing my work needed loads of improvement. But I didn’t let that excuse stop me. With practice my confidence has grown and the secret for getting better at it was simple! Keep writing, keep learning and keep growing.  The only thing we need to be afraid of is not giving it a go which is like quitting before we even begin.  Remaining stagnant is even more frightening to me. The only option left was to get started because blogging is also a great way to learn how to better express ourselves.

Blogging for a hobby

  1. Select your blog platform – You can create a free blog site at WordPress.com where they also provide support forums. there are many others that you can also try.
  2. Register a domain name – You might want to register a unique domain name for your blog which is the same as a website internet address for your blog site.  E.g. www.yourdomain.com 
  3. Choose a Web Host – Many out there to choose from.  Once you set up a wordpress site there will be options on offer.

Blogging for business or hobby

  • Topic – decide on what you want to write about.  Read plenty and research the topic of your choice.
  • Introduction – The introduction is no bigger than a 4 to 5 line paragraph explaining what you will be discussing in your blog.
  • Body – The body of your blog contains all the information you want to share pertaining to that topic.  Elaborate on your introduction covering everything youv’e mentioned in your paragraph.
  • Ending – The ending of your blog should go something like this:
    1. Sum up key messages
    2. Add a call to action
    3. Add a ‘Sources’ title with the name of Author, pages and hyperlinks to your resources.
    4. Ask a question or use quotes.
    5. Use social media share buttons.

Important Tips

  • Use relevant images that will create interest.
  • When I start typing my ideas out the first copy is always saved as a draft that I can come back to and work on.
  • Having a little note pad around helps me record ideas as they pop into my head.
  • Always ask permission formally by email before you reblog or use another person’s material and wait for their reply. Cite authors and link back to their sites and give credit where credit is due.  Especially if the work is not your own and if you’re quoting someone.
  • Think of an engaging heading for your blog.
  • Add external links to help back up your story.
  • Consider using a video
  • Post your blog on social media.

I hope this helps you get started with your blog.  Enjoy!
To further help your writing skills consider taking a creative writing course.

Sandra Ciminelli.

If you’re after help with your personal blog or need a professional business blog ACT Websites can help. Contact Sandra on 0413 305 967 or email sandra@actwebsites.com.au to find out more about my business blogging services.

5 Basic Qualities Of A Winning Team

All leaders start out with a dream to succeed in what they do.  In my experience a driven, talented and passionate leader is quite different from a successful leader who can motivate his or her team to work together toward a common vision and company goals.

Team Work Quotes

“Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much.” – Helen Keller

“Coming together is a beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success.” – Henry Ford

We are all required to do our part in our job.  There are certain aspects of being part of a team that will elevate work performance and keep your workers happy.  But what does it take to motivate the team to become more productive and efficient?

1. Allow For Mistakes

In my experience a work environment that allows you to say, “I made a mistake” makes a happier and better work place.  Mistakes are a natural part of the growing process. Lets face it, sometimes we just get it wrong.

2. Encouragement

We don’t always get a pat on the back when we deserve it.  A kind word, or a comment like, “Well done” goes a long way in raising employee morale. These little verbal rewards make people feel noticed and appreciated.  In large organisations it’s easy to feel like a you’re just a number.  Those who are encouraged will automatically want to do well at work. Better still, honouring your workers for both the huge projects and for the little things they get done is equally as important.  I’ve heard a person use the term, “payment is its own reward,” while trying to do away with verbal gratitude.  But that’s the wrong attitude simply because encouragement has been proven to have a huge ROI that doesn’t cost anything in monetary terms, with improved quality of work and increased production.

3. Support

There’s nothing better than being able to have a quick word to someone when we aren’t sure about how something works.  All it takes is a few minutes to get that helping hand.  Being supported in this away is crucial to some positions.   It’s nice to know that your co-workers and employer have your back.   Some workers have disabilities or mental health issues who require extra support.  A workplace that promotes, team work,  good mental health and equality for all encourages excellence.

4. Ongoing Training  & Personal Development

When an employer invests in their employees’ skills and personal development will add value to them  The outcome will be a raised level of professionalism within a company which keeps up with current trend, industry knowledge and technology helping the company gain trust with others.

“You add value to people when you value them.” John C Maxwell.

5. Communication

Being able to talk to each other about work related issues with the ability to ask questions of one another is crucial for the team to stay in touch with important information.  Team leaders need to communicate the goals, values, mission and vision of the company, but also be friendly and approachable.  Technology allows for several methods of communication within organisations; that can be done by email, phone, on chat apps, in person and at a team meeting. We use Skype and other methods of visual communication to enable us to chat face to face across the globe. Conferences are a great way for larger companies to bring employees together to present company information on a larger scale to the team at one place. Even the little chats that take place over the coffee machine are all good for company morale.

By Sandra Ciminelli

Valued employees have been proven to be more productive and efficient when happy in the workplace.

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Where to Find Free Photos for Commercial Use

Free quality high resolution photos are hard to find requiring time consuming extensive research online. I’ve taken the hard work out by providing links to websites that I use regularly to loads of free for commercial use images that  don’t require attribution.

Not all images will be without some sort of restriction on the licensing.  You might be required to name the photographer and add a link to the website where the image was downloaded from.  So I recommend that you read all licensing before downloading images to avoid any legal hassles. Also I advise reading of all of the information on each website to make sure you fully understand what you are agreeing to before downloading.


Good quality images in an easy to use website.

A huge assortment of free for commercial use images that don’t require attribution.  *a favourite.

Quality high resolution images.

Good business photos – Variety & quality!

Good for memes and other graphic projects.  Read terms of use.

Heaps to choose from.

Great images –  a large assortment.

Heaps of images to choose from.

High Resolution
Images are large and take too long to load.  If you’re after massive images, this is the site for you!

Good for a variety of projects.

Visuals by Brain & Storm
Scenery and landscape images.

Food images.

Heaps to choose from – read permissions.

A large assortment of images  *a favourite.

Food images.

Good for projects.

Nice images – click on the links at the top of the page.

A huge assortment! *a favourite.

Morguefile – Heaps of quality and amateur hi-res images – read individual image permissions before downloading.


Before you download an image:

  1. Read the licensing.
  2. Know what size you’re after before hand so that you don’t clutter your website with huge images.
  3. Use images that are relevant to your business or blog.

I hope that these links to my favourite free photo sites will come in handy and prove useful for your business and personal use. More of these types of blogs coming in the near future. So keep an eye out for those.

If you’re after affordable web design & development, plus graphic design work, contact Sandra at ACT Websites for quality work that doesn’t cost the earth.

Ways To Build Consumer Trust on Social Media

There are many ways to market your business on social media with books, videos, blogs and competitions.  The single most important thing to remember in business is that the foundation of all successful advertising is based on gaining the consumer’s trust and keeping it.  People simply want affordable quality products and services they can rely on.


Here are some ways that can bring positive outcomes with social media advertising for both you and for your customers.

Know Your Business

  • Know your product and services
  • Believe in your products and services
  • Know your target audience

Present your business professionally.

  • Have a modern responsive website with integrated social media to launch your marketing campaigns from.
  • Assess the look, feel and  functionality of your website.
  • Maintain quality in all of your advertising. i.e, newsletters, blogs & videos.
  • Have a quality representation of your business on social media.
  • Use quality graphics and content that are relevant to your business.
  • Online marketing campaigns should run simultaneously with other campaigns you might have going at the time.  Like your radio and television advertising for example in order to gain maximum exposure.
  • List your business on some online business directories
  • When setting up your social media presence use your branding.
  • A consistant online voice helps to build trust no matter what avenue of marketing you take on social media.

Share, Promote & Engage

  • Sharing information about your products by blogging about topics within your niche market will not only help to  gain trust, but will continually increase the audience’s trust.  This can be done using blogs with quality, well written content using high resolution images on your website which can promoted on social media. e.g. Posting a blog link on your Facebook business page to be boosted in order to reach more people within your targeted audience and budget.
  • Keep the conversation going and your fan based engaged by monitoring all conversations and private messages and then responding to them in a timely manner.  People love having conversations, they like being heard and when they see brilliance, quality and value for money they can’t help but share it!

Plan & Monitor

You can monitor the performance of your advertising on social media using insights and analytics.  By measuring what works and what doesn’t you’ll be able to plan and deliver what your audience wants.

Develop a marketing strategy that won’t overwhelm your audience. e.g. posting the same advert too frequently can make some fans turn off your page notifications on Facebook.

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Video Marketing – What type of Video to Make?

Video marketing provides informative entertainment to potential customers.  Videos are highly shareable when produced with content that delivers quality to give your audience value. When used effectively a good video can communicate to a wide audience about your products and services to build trust.

Videos can also be fun and can be produced in various ways. If you’re considering making a video but you’re not sure what type of video to make here’s is a list of the types of videos that can be created.

Video Types

Testimonials – Word of mouth is probably the best marketing as people quite often prefer to hear an endorsement from a person who has experienced a product or service as opposed to reading about it on a website. Testimonial videos put a face to words and are used to establish trust.

Interviews with Thought Leaders or Influencers – A video with a highly trusted thought leader can help start the conversation with your target audience and is great leverage to get you and your products and services noticed. Two or more people on the camera presented as news.   Google Hangouts or Skype can be used to produce these.

Holiday & Community Events – Everyone can relate to holiday events and special dates.  Holiday blogs turned into Video Blogs can be a fun way to share your experiences with others.  Targeting videos to coincide with important community events can also help to raise awareness for special causes and serves to market to a like-minded audience.

Call to Action– These types of videos can be really informative about a new product, service, course or event.  They can also request that people sign up , visit a website or take part in a competition.  A call to action is simply asking the audience to do something at the end of the video.  e.g. Charity may ask for donations.

A Talking Head – This can just be a “talking head” type .of video with a person just talking to the camera about their products & services. They can be used as a welcome on a home page or more personally as a self introduction on an ‘about me’ page of your website.

Video PowerPoint– A narrated PowerPoint is easy to make.  Add voice narration and there you have a video.  For Mac users – Keynote.  For Window users – PowerPoint.

Animated Video – You can create your own cartoons on video creation sites like Fiverr,  Nawmal or GoAnimate.  You may want to outsource that if you’ve never done anything like that before or have a go at making them yourself at PowToon.

Tips &  Industry Knowledge – A great way to add credibility to your business. Create video sharing tips about your niche market and upload to your YouTube channel. Talk about a subject that you’re passionate about to share and grow your audience.

Teaching/Recorded Webinar Video – These can be created at GoToWebinar for sale or distribution.  The webinar can be posted on YouTube or on your own site.

A Few Things To Consider

  • Content and quality has to be consistent with your brand.
  • Your goals should drive your direction to reach your objective.
  • Transcribing  scripts and conversations can help boost your video in search engines and extend the life of your content.  Add clear titles that are engaging, exciting and is relevant to what you’re promoting.
  • Publish and promote your video on social media as part of your marketing strategy.
  • Create an official YouTube channel to showcase your videos.

Whatever your goal is a good video marketing strategy can vastly improve conversion rates and audience engagement.

Does My Website Need An Upgrade?

Website design is as vital to present day business owners to compete in an overcrowded market. What a visitor takes away when they visit your website is vital to the success of your business.  Any website that causes confusion can undermine credibility and trust.  The site can invite and entice people or, by being too difficult to navigate, confusing. poorly designed or simply because it might not be work on digital technology can repel potential clients. For whatever reason, the goal of any business is to draw more people in, not to turn them away as opinions are quickly formed, taken away and often shared with others.   By providing others with a good experience online they are more likely to return.

Questions to ask yourself when considering redesigning your website

  • Do my pages take a long time to load?
  • Is my website responsive?
  • Are there features that could be added?
  • Are there features that are no longer used?
  • What do I want my site to look like?
  • Does my site represent my brand online?

What is a good website?

Any growth driven business has to stay competitive.  Staying competitive in today’s market means keeping up with internet and other technological changes.

A good website is a constantly changing platform to launch business campaigns from.  If marketed effectively it can used attract more leads and create opportunities.  A WordPress website has an easy to use and easy to learn CMS – Content Management System that allows you to make changes, publish content and keep up with technological demands to help your business stay competitive.

Mobile friendly sites are also ranked higher by Google.

A good website will integrate Social Media. Social media gives you opportunities galore when showcasing your goods and services.  Having your business on Social media can drive traffic to your website, generate leads and create a loyal customer following.  Social Networking has become a popular, is used globally as a sharing point for word of mouth advocates.  Today Word of mouth referrals have become high tech.  Social Media Integration will allow others to share your posts, pages, memes, blogs, videos and more while doing the advertising for you.

Fast loading pages are a must if you want to keep visitors interested. If they can’t access the information in a timely manner they will become frustrated and leave.

Traffic to your website should be measured to help you understand what you’re doing right and where you can make improvements.  Using Google Analytics you can clearly see what social media drives traffic to your website and where your leads are coming from.  Driving traffic to your website will help to improve your Google ranking.

A New Business Website

A good way to start a business website is by knowing your business first.  Doing some research in your niche market and then set clear goals will give you insight.  Then draw up a business plan to give you direction.  A website should be designed based on those goals and your business plan to present concise and clear content with optimum functionality to others online.

Compare a website to a restaurant

You’re compelled to look at what’s on offer because you’re hungry and need to eat.  Initially you’re enticed by the menu posted at the door but as you walk though the doors there’s so much more to look at.  As you look around and notice cleanliness of the place, the clientele, the quality of service, the decor, the atmosphere, the food, the grooming of the staff and all of this detail helps you get a feel for their attitude. If it’s a good place with a good feel service that delivers what you’re after,  your appetite is likely to increase.  On a return visit you will bring friends and family along.  The network of people that come on your recommendation will continually increase to visit that restaurant as they all bring others with them.  

In the same way, a website that’s easy to navigate through, is modern, provides clear and concise information, has images. functions the way it should and is easy to use can keep a person reading, searching and wanting to know more.  They tell their family and friends about their good find.  A good website is great marketing investment!

Sites are built to your specifications and your business needs in mind.  We keep your existing branding or can help with re-branding at a low cost.  Enquire about our services today to help your business come alive and be noticed online.

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Business Reputation – A Powerhouse Of Free Marketing

The attitudes we towards life, people and work permeates through everything we are affecting all the things we do. At a concert last night watching one of the all time great English bands of the 70s at a local club, it dawned on me that this band had an amazing talent that wasn’t going to waste. These chaps had aged, however their passion and enthusiasm for what they do hadn’t suffered at all.  If anything they’ve improved over time.

Professional, successful and enthusiastic, this group worked very much like a team showing great business ethics as they politely and respectfully signed memorabilia for their fans at the end of their concert. Their attitude matched their talent.  Brilliant!  They not only had a great product, but obviously know how to work together to market it well.

Have you ever been served at a supermarket by someone with attitude?  How did that make you feel?  What did you think about that service and the business behind it?

I find that people are usually very observant and quick to notice and judge everything.  Your attitude is what speaks the loudest about your business.

The late Maya Angelou once said, “I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.”

Attitudes rub off on others in the team. Eventually those attitudes become culture within the company thus affecting the reputation of the business.  That’s exactly why supermarkets push for excellent customer service with a smile.  After all, the customer is always right.  It’s all about attitude.


Attitude and motive, these are two of the driving forces behind everything we do.  Successful people have great attitudes and work ethics that reflect excellence.  Don’t waste your talents by losing that passion and enthusiasm for what you do.  It takes grit and commitment to do a job well.  Successful people believe in what they do!  They love what they do!  Taking on any task half hearted will rarely produce good results.

Attitudes reflect in every area of a business.  For instance; One great attitude for an employer to have is taking an interest in the wellbeing and mental health of their employees.  Depressed and anxious employees don’t perform at their peak.

Zig Ziglar – “Your attitude not your aptitude will determine your altitude”.

Some pointers to think about:

  • What is the feel of your advertising?
  • What is the general attitude of your staff?
  • How does this reflect on your business?
  • Is there room for improvement?
  • Are your customers having a good experience all round?
  • What can you do to change it?

You can have a great business website but thats not all you need to become a business powerhouse.  People want to see your integrity, attitude and business ethics along with your marketing and great products & services.  It’s precisely that which gives your branding a long standing reputation.

Word of mouth is said to travel at the speed of light. I’d say that statement is close, particularly now with the internet and social media.

Driving Traffic To My Business Website Simplified

So you have a new website?  Now you need people to find your business online.

The web is a busy place with loads of people looking for products and services.  Just like in the image above business owners like to put their business names up in lights to draw people’s attention to their products and services.  Being noticed online is no different than what you see out in the streets, on the side of buses and in shopping malls.  You need to stand out!  A good product usually sells itself but nobody will know about it without marketing of some sort.  A good marketing strategy is vital to any business.  There are a few steps that small businesses owners can take to draw more traffic to their websites.

Here are some things you can do on a small business budget that will maximise your chances of being found in cyberspace.

Make sure your website is listed on Google Search Engine.  Submit your site’s URL if it hasn’t already been submitted.

Advertise your business on Social Media.

In Australia you don’t really need to be a member of every social media there is out there.  Most Aussies love Facebook, Google Plus and Instagram!   Facebook being the most used where people can like and share your posts.  Google plus is a must, considering that Google owns the best search engine on the planet and Instagram is becoming more popular with the younger crowds.  These three are a great way to get your products and services across to a larger audience.

Before you get started, make sure you set up a LinkedIn account.  LinkedIn is a professional network where professionals connect to other professionals, where employers look for potential employees, where others endorse and search for thought leaders. There are both free and paid memberships available.

  1. Facebook – Is the most popular social media to date with the largest number of users world wide. On Facebook, posts can be boosted (paid), pages can be promoted (paid) and you can grow a list of followers who will join your page by posting your link on other pages and groups.  A great tool for sharing your website content and driving more traffic to your website.
  2. Google Plus – Great for your SEO and page ranking – Google plus is a must to add to any serious business advertising.
  3. Instagram – Post your videos and images to a large audience to build your following.

You can also drive more traffic to your site by listing on business classifieds by placing an advert with them.
(Some may not be free)  The more you advertise your site the more chances it will have of being found.  The more links you have out there on other sites that point to your website the better chance you have of creating leads and web traffic that is driven to your site will help to improve search engine ranking.

Australian Business Classified Ads

  1. All Classifieds
  2. Yelp
  3. Start Local
  4. Aussie Web
  5. DLook
  6. Local
  7. Company List
  8. Come On Aussie
  9. Yalwa

Things that I can do to drive more traffic to my website?

  • Write Interesting Blogs on your website with a relevant image and post the link to your social media business page adding a blurb. (a short and captivating introduction to entice readers)  Great content gets you noticed and builds an audience of people who keep coming back for more of your compelling reading. Readers become your loyal followers or your “tribe.”
  • Post interesting and relevant articles and images on social media to keep people engaged in conversations on your page.

Is your site listed in the Yellow Pages directory?  If not you can consider adding a free submission until your site grows.

Take into consideration that well organised marketing campaign can grow your customer base by increasing that traffic flow you’re after.  Marketing can be a costly, but worth while investment if done right.

Paid Advertising

Consider Google Adwords paid per click advertising to draw in a larger audience and much more traffic to your website.

Website performance and traffic analytics

Google Analytics – will help you gain a better understanding of your web traffic and audience.  A great way to gain the upper hand for marketing purposes.   (free and premium accounts available)