Secure Your WordPress Website From Hackers

Being hacked is what every website owner dreads to even think about.  However safe and secure you think your site might be, taking those extra steps to make sure your site remains up to date with the latest plugins and security features can…
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Some of My Favourite WordPress Themes For Business Websites

Wordpress themes are customisable allowing business owners to have websites designed and tailored for their specific business needs. Here you'll find some of My Favourite WordPress Themes from Themeforest on the Envato Market for you to…
website security

WannaCry Ransomware - Why The Most Vulnerable Websites Are Hacked

It’s become a common occurrence to hear on the news that even top notch websites with the most expensive security systems are being targeted by hackers.  Recently we’ve had the WannaCry Ransomware (also called WannaCrypt) making headlines…

Maintain Health & Functionality of WordPress Sites

  Some people opt to maintain their own website to save costs. However that doesn't work for everyone as most people don't have the technical skills or free time to take the extra tasks on. These tasks may include: Website files…
dream big
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Quotes From Leading Business Entrepreneurs

A collection of some of my favourite quotes from leading entrepreneurs and innovative thinkers past and present to encourage those in business who aren't afraid to dream big. Steve Jobs - Co-founder, Chairman, and CEO of Apple Inc. Primary…
Wordpress Website
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What A New Website Can Do For My Business

If you own a business but don't have a website there are valid reasons why an online presence is essential. We live in a technologically advanced working society where computers and mobile phones are frequently used by people who mostly…
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Why Create Memes & Picture Quotes?

Meme's and picture quotes are everywhere on social media.  Business owners have often asked me how memes and picture quotes can help their business. People create them because they're fun, highly shareable and sometimes when they're really…
beginning to blog

Blogging Tips For Beginners

There are literally millions of bloggers online telling their story, sharing news and writing about just about any given subject known to man.  Yet during its humble beginnings, there was nothing compelling me to write, much less publish…
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Save Money When Your Website Crashes

Having a WordPress website with the flexibility to add content, edit and upload images and videos is important to many small business owners. WordPress websites have an easy to learn and use Content Management System that enables just…
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5 Basic Qualities Of A Winning Team

All leaders start out with a dream to succeed in what they do.  In my experience a driven, talented and passionate leader is quite different from a successful leader who can motivate his or her team to work together toward a common vision…