Hi, I’m Sandra Ciminelli & I develop & design beautiful WordPress websites that are easy to use, fast loading & mobile friendly. When I add SEO, your site becomes a powerful promotional tool.

Welcome to ACT Websites

ACT Websites aims to provide clean website design & development, professional quality work and services at reasonable prices. Each site is uniquely designed with your business in mind to represent your brand.

WordPress has a simple yet powerful, flexible and easy to use Content Management System.(CMS). Basic training will allow business owners to add their own content and update their own site. Lessons are available.

Contact ACT Websites for all work on WordPress websites such as modifications, added functionality, new features, to speed up your load time, repairs, maintenance and search engine optimisation (SEO).

*FREE – Google search engine submission with each site.


Flexible appointments for choice of location within the ACT or at my office in Tuggeranong. After hours appointments also available, but limited. Please call or send an email.

WordPress Development

Custom WordPress sites are designed & developed exclusively for your business. Powered by the world’s most popular open-source CMS, WordPress is simple, powerful and flexible.

Business Graphic Design

Visual content is designed with your business branding. I provide affordable promotional content, logo design services, create banners & headers for the web & social media & more. Contact me for a quote.

Theme Development

From minor tweaks to a complete overhaul, I can develop your new or existing WordPress theme with your branding colours. Also add content, functionality & new features and carry out repairs. Crisp and clean designs.

For Your Consideration

Questions to ask yourself about your current website.

  1. Is all my business information accurate?
  2. Is my current site responsive?
  3. Is my website easy to navigate and to use?
  4. Is the page formatting consistent throughout my site?
  5. Is my site taking a long time to load?
  6. Do I need to add more content?
  7. Do I need to add more features and functionality?
  8. Is my branding being respresented correctly?
  9. Do I need a branding document to keep my site design uniform?
  10. Is my website easy to read?
  11. Am I getting negative feedback or complaints about my current site?

Questions to ask yourself before getting a new website.

  1. Do I have an Australian ABN or ACN?  (Without one you can not legally register a business website in Australia.)
  2. Do I have a business logo?
  3. Do I have a registered domain name?
  4. Do I have webhosting?
  5. What are my branding colours & fonts?
  6. What functionality would I like on my site?
  7. What are 3 of my favourite websites?
  8. How would I like my site to look?
  9. Will I be selling items online?
  10. What is my budget?

What is so good about WordPress?

  1. Popular – Up to 27 percent of all global business websites are made using WordPress.
  2. Over 10 years old – WordPress began as a blogging platform.  Now with heightened security and its open source adaptability WordPress has evolved to become the most popular content management system (CMS) for business due to its easy to use CMS. WordPress is here to stay.
  3. Functionality – WordPress has loads of versatility and functionality providing endless customization options.
  4. Variety – There are thousands of themes available to choose from.
  5. Adaptability – WordPress also works well with open source third party software.
  6. Cost effective – Small business owners and startups love WordPress as it enables them owner to add content and manage the site. No code knowlege needed.
  7. Support – WordPress has loads of support available and a huge supportive community within in its forums.

Client Testimonials

Wow, do I love my new modern fully functioning website…. Yes! Thanks go to Sandra at ACT Websites for putting so much effort into this amazing end product!”

Jill HerbertDesignerDesert Poppy

“Thanks Sandra for a great job on my new revamped website. I am extremely pleased with the end result and thank you for your time, cooperation, input and ideas.” 

Julie RossOwnerAngelic Inspiration

“I keep going back and looking at my beautiful site – I never did this with my former site. I am so happy with it – when I saw you the first time I said the site needed to be “me” – well it is!!!!” 

Ellen BoagOwnerCreative Flair